It (2017) Trailer #1 Released

it (2017) trailer

They all float down here!

As an old man, I’ve gotten extremely jaded when it comes to “scary” movies. I never get scared anymore. The best a movie can do with me nowadays is be effectively creepy.

The new trailer for Stephen King’s It sure looks creepy.

Maybe it’s because of Stranger Things. Ever since I saw the Netflix series, everything seemingly set in the 80s just seems creepier to me. That makes watching old Bananarama videos fun because they’re more sinister now. It is set in the 80s, so I get the Stranger Things vibe.

Of course, the new Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) doesn’t help. His vibe is way creepier than Tim Curry’s rendition in the original movie. I don’t think he’s scary, but I’m sure that people averse to clowns pee in their pants every time they see him. I’ll have to ask someone who hates clowns.

Otherwise, I gotta say I’m intrigued with It. I’m probably not going to go see it, but I may wanna watch it at some point. Maybe. I’ve become pretty cynical when it comes to “scary” movies.

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