Zungle Panther’s Kickstarter project allows you to feel music

Kickstarter. Everyone’s favorite site to explore new and upcoming funky gadgets and even be offered exclusive access in return of a generous donation. Not only does it offer you an inside look into what could potentially hit the market, it also allows you to basically have something (with the right amount of generosity and money) that no one in your friends group will have. We have scoured t...[Read More]

How VR reshaped the gaming Industry

“If you could name one device or method (taken by gaming companies) that has reshaped and moulded the gaming industry to better suit the customers’ needs then what would you use as an example? Microsoft’s Kinect? Maybe you’d say Sony’s motion sensor controllers? Maybe not… But I am positive one device has crossed your mind, and it certainly crossed mine: Virtual...[Read More]

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