Marvel vs Capcom: Imfinite Gameplay Trailer Leaks

Ultron confirmed as playable in trailer For those who are still hyped up after the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Story Trailer released yesterday, some more eye candy has surfaced. A gameplay for the fighting game has leaked. While the video itself is not extremely high-quality, it does give us a glimpse into how the game’s combat and many systems will function. The first thing I notice while w...[Read More]

Call of Duty: WWII Reveal Trailer Released

After a solid month of speculation and leaks, Activision has officially released the trailer for Call of Duty: WWII. This title, which will release on November 3rd, will return the series to its roots. The trailer features much of the same gritty, on-the-ground violence that we saw in movies like Saving Private Ryan and the excellent Band of Brothers series. The trailer was fully cinematic and hea...[Read More]

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Story Trailer 1 Released

A new universe shall be forged… I’m still trying to catch up after my right knee decided to do its best impression of a balloon. This one is late as a result. Yesterday, Capcom released the first story trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Along with fleshing out more of the impetus for the crossover, new characters are revealed. The biggest reveal, of course, is the reveal of the ul...[Read More]

Retro Review: Demon Attack (Atari 2600)

Release Date: 1982 Developer: Imagic Publisher: Imagic Imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery. In video games nowadays, it’s seen by many as derivative and lazy. Back in the second generation of home video game consoles, it was almost inevitable. Imagic’s Demon Attack at least imitated with some style. Back in the early years of home video gaming, ideas for new games came in fast a...[Read More]

Digital Crack Network Podcast: WTF Did We Just Talk About

Get ready for some straight no bullshit talk about gaming and movies! If you love video games,comics,movies and alcohol…. this is the podcast for you. We don’t hold back on how we see games and are very blunt when we think something sucks. We are passionate about video games but we also drink alot. Have fun!  

Microsoft to Unveil Project Scorpio Specs Tomorrow

Excited? In one more day, we will find out how Microsoft’s Project Scorpio plans to outdo Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. EuroGamer’s Digital Foundry will have an exclusive first look at Microsoft’s newest of the iteration tomorrow. The sneak peek will begin tomorrow, April 6th, at 9AM EDT. Interested parties will be able to see exactly what’s under the hood of Scorpio ahead of E3 2017. It’s doubtful Di...[Read More]

Reviewing It Wrong: Final Fantasy VII as a Beat-‘em-Up

Couldn’t punch its way out of a bag (Note: this is a parody series where we review a beloved game incorrectly. This is not serious. Please don’t kill us!) I really don’t get why people are so into Final Fantasy VII. Honestly, the whole Final Fantasy series prior to 2016 baffles me. How can people idolize a series that gets beat-‘em-ups so wrong? I love games where you can beat people up. The...[Read More]

For Honor Players Threaten Boycott; Ubisoft Reacts

Consumers exercise their power for good After a contentious back-and-forth between French publisher Ubisoft and players of their fighting game For Honor, gamers have resorted to the only thing publishers seem to listen to nowadays: RAGE! And it worked! On a post in the For Honor subreddit, redditor Jbaayoun proposed a boycott of the game. The boycott consisted of a 24-hour blackout beginning on Ap...[Read More]

Retro Review: Chu Chu Rocket (DC)

Release Date: November 11, 1999 Developer: Sonic Team Publisher: SEGA I keep coming back to the SEGA Dreamcast. With all the awesome old-school games I can pick through, it’s the Dreamcast I want to go back to. For this Retro Review, my pick has more meaning to usual. A little over a week ago, I wrote an article espousing my love for the console and my amazement at its longevity. That led to a dis...[Read More]

Square Enix Showing Final Fantasy Fans Some Love

Showing dedication to the series As much grief as I’ve given Square Enix over the years, it’s good to see that their signature series is finally getting treated well. Final Fantasy is one of my top three favorite JRPG series of all time. Dragon Quest and Suikoden are the other two, and I’m not sure how I’d rank them. Final Fantasy went through a really rough patch for a while. Final Fantasy X-2, w...[Read More]

Blizzard to Upgrade StarCraft and Make it Free

New Patch on the Way Soon Blizzard is working on a remaster for the original StarCraft and its expansion, Brood War. While they work on giving the classic game the 4K spit-shine, they’re also working on an update to the original game. That update – version 1.18 – will drop sometime in the next week. Along with the update comes another benefit: Blizzard will make the game completely free. The...[Read More]

GameStop Closing Up To 225 Stores Worldwide

Weak Sales Trigger Closings In my last stream-of-consciousness article, I talked about the digital distribution of video games and how the sales of physical media would eventually suffer. My mistake was in using the word “eventually”. Evidently, GameStop is feeling the proliferation of digital distribution of console games straight in the wallet. GameStop has experienced a pretty brutal fiscal yea...[Read More]

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