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Death Road to Canada Review

Developer: Rocketcat Games Publisher: Rocketcat Games Platform Reviewed: PC Release Date: July 22, 2016 Acquired via: Steam As far as tired video games tropes go, the zombie game is near the top of my list. From the classic Zombies Ate Me Neighbors on my SNES to Dying Light on the PlayStation 4, I have played my share of zombie games. Honestly, I’m zombied out. It’ll take something real interestin...[Read More]

Song of the Deep Review

Insomniac is one of the greatest developers in the gaming world they created some stellar franchises like Ratchet and Clank, Resistance and Sunset Overdrive. They have now created a smaller type of game called Song of the Deep a Metroidvania style of action-adventure game. Players take on the role of a young girl named Merryn who father doesn’t return home. Merryn quickly decides to build a ...[Read More]

Party Hard Review

This game eluded me when it first came out on PC; I didn’t first hear about it until two months after its August 2015 release on Steam. I snapped it up soon after, and snapped it up again as soon as it became available for the PS4. Now I’m wondering why more people I know haven’t. I admit that I don’t constantly check the Steam front page, so if this game hit it on release, I never saw it. I only ...[Read More]

Alienation Review

Housemarque has become a household name for the PlayStation gamer. Offering up some of the best twin stick shooter arcade titles like Dead nation, Super StarDust and Resogun. Alienation is there latest title and it’s a PS4- exclusive. Let me address something right off the bat, this is not Dead Nation with aliens. Sure there are similarities but it’s very apparent these are 2 different...[Read More]

Salt and Sanctuary Review

Eight hours in, and my skull has been bashed in more times than I care to count. My latest death is at the hands of a the Kraekan Cyclops. He’s actually wiped the floor with my face thrice. I keep going back, because I will be DAMNED if that big, cleaver wielding Darkheart wanna-be gets the best of me! The game is Salt and Sanctuary. It has me in its grip, and I refuse to stop until I wrench mysel...[Read More]


Imagine a game that channeled everything we loved about the action movies of the 80s and 90s. Imagine a game that took the concept behind The Expendables and ramped it up to 11. Now imagine that this mythical game was a pixel art platformer that harnessed all the goodness already mentioned. Now stop imagining, grab a PS4 controller, and download Broforce this very instant! I will admit, I did not ...[Read More]


It would be easy to disregard Knee Deep as another choose-your-own-Telltale-like.  With so many episodic adventure games that have remodeled the genre into the narrative-heavy, puzzle-lite format we’re so familiar with, Knee Deep could easily have been lost in the mix.  These days, games like this ilk are only able to separate themselves from the crowd with excellent writing, like Night School’s O...[Read More]


There is a conundrum deep in my heart as to my thoughts on Superhot. Every punch, shot and throw is a joy, all culminating into a dance of death that will have you sitting back and thinking “I am badass” before the game sucks you in with another level to show off how violent you can be in a pinch. But this sweetness is soured somewhat by a story so ball-achingly stupid that it made me wonder if th...[Read More]


Layers of Fear is described by developers Bloober Team as a “psychological and psychedelic adventure horror game”; and I don’t think I could put it any better myself. The player follows the footsteps of a nameless artist gradually losing his grip on sanity as he embarks on a surprisingly troublesome venture to complete his Magnum Opus, dropping hints on his own character and revealing secrets abou...[Read More]


Devil Daggers, a debut from the demonic developer team Sorath, brings all new meaning to the definition of “hellish”. The player is pitted against a seemingly endless onslaught of hellish legions in a hellish black abyssal arena – and it’s hellishly difficult. Inspired by the 90s aesthetic sported byQuake and Doom, Devil Daggers is guaranteed to make you suffer, but assuredly entertain you in the ...[Read More]


While I’m a big fan of everything zombies and have a great appreciation for how The Walking Dead franchise approaches the post-apocalyptic rise of the dead, there are only so many stories that you can tell.  Part of what’s made Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic so popular has been its focus on the people that populate it.  While Michonne marks the first time Telltale has borrowed directly from Kirkman’...[Read More]


Unravel was an interesting game before I even pressed “start”, before I even downloaded it, and before it was even release.  After stealing the EA E3 stage show for about 10 minutes and charming the pants of off a national audience, Unravel looked like an indie game that had gotten lost in Los Angeles and accidentally stumbled into the spotlight. After years of making games that look like they’d b...[Read More]

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