Digital Crack Network Podcast: WTF Did We Just Talk About

Get ready for some straight no bullshit talk about gaming and movies! If you love video games,comics,movies and alcohol…. this is the podcast for you. We don’t hold back on how we see games and are very blunt when we think something sucks. We are passionate about video games but we also drink alot. Have fun!  

R Squared Comic Book Podcast Episode 38: #HitItOrQuitIt

Hello listeners! Welcome to another NEW installment of #HitItOrQuitIt! The entire crew gets their reviews in for this episode! Listen in as they tell you what they think about the first issues of: – “Come Find Me” – “We Stand on Guard” – “Revival” – “Above the Clouds” – “Demonic” Don’t forget to subscri...[Read More]

Playstation 4 Pro and Slim, The Good, The Bad and the WTF

In depth look at the PS4 Pro and Slim, What we liked and disliked. Also more on Overwatch Competitive mode. Im not going to sugar coat it, there was a lot of arguing back and forth on this episode.Hold on to your hats. http://traffic.libsyn.com/digitalcrack/ps4pro_mixdown.mp3

R Squared Comic Book Podcast Episode 37 – SHITCAST

Hello listeners! The crew returns to nerd out over all the TV shows, movies and books they’ve been reading! Karla gushes about her deep love for the new animated film from Laika studios, “Kubo and the Two Strings”! Menissa talks about her latest obsession – “Last Chance U!” And Elias talks about more anime and manga he’s currently binging! Don’t forg...[Read More]

R Squared Comic Book Podcast Episode 36 – #HitItOrQuitIt: The Follow-Up

Hello listeners! Welcome to another installment of “The Follow Up”! Karla updates you on the new “Snotgirl” and her thoughts on “Bandette”! Then Menissa revisits “Paper Girls” and “I Hate Fairyland” – classic #HOQI material! And Elias updates us on new anime he’s been watching! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review ...[Read More]

Founder of Destructoid Stops By and Talks Video Games and the Gaming Industry

Niero Gonzalez Founder and CEO of Destructoid.com talks about all things gaming. Wonderful insight on how Destructoid began and where the gaming industry is going. Ever wondered what its like to start a gaming news site, you have to listen to this. http://traffic.libsyn.com/digitalcrack/destructoid1_mixdown.mp3

R Squared Comic Book Podcast Episode 35 – SHITCAST

Karla and Elias take over this episode while Menissa visits some family in North Carolina! Listen to Karla talk about the comic that inspired “Star Wars” and Elias bash “The Cursed Child”! And stay till the end to hear about what grinds their gears – it’s a shouting match for the ages! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes! And follow us ...[Read More]

Digital Crack video game podcast episode 38

Prepare yourself for some gaming news and fart jokes. This week we talk about No mans sky,Deus Ex, Overwatch,Titanfall 2 and so much more. http://traffic.libsyn.com/digitalcrack/episode_38_mixdown.mp3

R Squared Comic Book Podcast Episode 34 – #HitItOrQuitIt

Hello listeners! Welcome to another NEW installment of #HitItOrQuitIt! The ladies each choose two new issues to review for you, while Elias revisits and oldie but goodie! And stay tuned to the end for some comic book news! In this episode, they review: – “Snotgirl” – “Chunks” – “Bandette” – “Bad Girls’ Club” – R...[Read More]

R Squared Comic Book Podcast Episode 33 – #HitItOrQuitIt/SHITCAST HYBRID

Hello listeners! Welcome to our first hybrid episode! Specially designed for the multimedia formats of podcasting and YouTubing! Check out our YouTube channel if you want to see the crew talk! Otherwise, listen in as the ladies give you a quick follow up on their picks from Ep. 31! And enjoy their review on the “Suicide Squad” movie! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review us ...[Read More]

Pokemon Go Is Taking Over the World – Episode 31

The Best Foul Mouthed and controversial Video Game Podcast on this Planet. This week we talk about Pokemon Go , Ghostbusters the movie, Nintendo Nx,Nintendo Mini and we have special guests R2 Squared Comic Podcasts Hosts Karla And Menissa Creating chaos as always. Check it out!

R Squared Comic Book Podcast Episode 32: SHITCAST

Hello listeners! Menissa and Karla take the reigns while Elias celebrates his birthday in this SHITCAST! Leave it to the girls to discuss the new trailers that premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con, the crime and junk-food podcasts they’ve been listening to and the crazy shows/movies they’ve watched! And don’t miss their duet to DVSN’s “Too Deep”! It’s a pe...[Read More]

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