Logan Paul: How Far Do You Need to Go to Be Famous?

So I woke up yesterday to hear and see the Logan Paul story about him filming in the “suicide forest” in Japan and filming a corpse. I haven’t wanted to go back to sleep and pretend I dreamt something more than then. The reason he was filming in the forest because he was going to joke about it? Really? A joke about suicide and a fucking place called the suicide forest? I’ll give a little backstory...[Read More]

First “Official” Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Released

It sucks that Marvel Studios has me salivating so much. The studio released the first “official” trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. I say “official” because the trailer that was shown at D23 and San Diego Comic-Con was not released for general consumption. Semantics aside, allow me to gush for a bit: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!...[Read More]

Incredibles 2 Teaser Trailer Surfaces

Disney and Pixar released The Incredibles back in 2004, and it was indeed incredible. I love the hell out of that movie and have wanted to see a proper sequel for years. Thankfully, Pixar has granted me my desire. The Incredibles 2 is a thing, and a teaser trailer has recently popped up for it. The trailer is pure fluff. It features Jack-Jack, the cute toddler who showed off dozens of terrifying p...[Read More]

Deadpool 2 “Wet on Wet” Trailer Released

What am I supposed to say here? This is a trailer for the upcoming Fox’s upcoming Deadpool 2. Everyone remembers how insane the marketing campaign for the first movie was. Did anyone expect anything different this time around from this teaser trailer, ” Getting Wet on Wet?” I’ll tell you what no one could possibly expect: BOB ROSS! The storyline for the teaser trailer is no...[Read More]

Thor: Ragnarok Final Trailer Released

Too much info in trailers!!! I promised that I would post more video game-related content. The video game-related content was kinda bitchy. I need to recenter myself. To do that, I’ll talk about the latest Thor: Ragnarok trailer. FUCK! PUNISHER WAS RIGHT! THEY RUIN EVERYTHING IN THE TRAILERS!!! Whoops. Sorry about that. The bitchiness came out again. Under control, I promise. Anyway, for tho...[Read More]

Black Panther Official Trailer #1 Released

Lately, the Digital Crack website looks more like Movieland. There’s been an awful lot of movie and TV write-ups and few video game mentions. This will be corrected. I’ll have a Retro Review up soon along with other video game-related stuff. But the first official trailer for Black Panther has been released. And you KNOW I gotta talk about it! Whereas the first teaser trailer tried to ...[Read More]

Trailer for The New Mutants Released (UPDATED)

Uncle Willy proceeds to stay in denial for the rest of the day. No. Oh God, no. What…what WAS that? Fox released the first trailer for its upcoming movie, The New Mutants. It’s the movie adaptation of Marvel Comics’ teenage X-Men wannabe team that started in 1982. The original five-teen team appears in this movie but altered slightly. In place of Xian Coy Manh, aka Karma, Anya Ta...[Read More]

New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Released

Fellow Digital Crack cohort Punisher and I were anticipating the release of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer last night. When it finally dropped, we had two wildly different opinions of it. He was ecstatic; I was mostly indifferent. We still both want to see the movie; he already purchased his tickets. But maybe my Star Wars fandom has exhausted itself. That has nothing to do with the trailer,...[Read More]

Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer Revealed

Pacific Rim 2: The Search for More Money I was unexpectedly pleased with 2013’s Pacific Rim. Whenever you have huge monsters fighting huge robots, we all win. Seeing the robots – or Jaegers –  take on Kaiju made the little kid in me freak out. But that was pretty much the best part of the movie. The rest of the movie was average. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie. But...[Read More]

Justice League Official Heroes Trailer Released

The DCEU with a Firefly vibe? While watching the latest trailer for Justice League, a thought kept popping into my head. It’s a silly thought in hindsight, but it’s one that I can’t shake. Dark Avengers. I say it’s silly because it’s baseless. Just because Joss Whedon, director of the first two Avengers movies, is directing here should mean nothing. The movie’s ...[Read More]

Have You Seen…Singham?

Tiger uppercut! Release Date: July 22, 2011 Director: Rohit Shetty Starring: Ajay Devgn, Kajal Aggarwal, Prakash Raj Favorite quote: “Kutton ka jhund kitna bhi bada ho … uske liye ek sher hi kaafi hota hai” (Translation: “No matter how big the group of dogs is…for them, one tiger is more than enough.”) Recommending films made outside the United States is tricky. While Western films may have ...[Read More]

It (2017) Trailer #1 Released

They all float down here! As an old man, I’ve gotten extremely jaded when it comes to “scary” movies. I never get scared anymore. The best a movie can do with me nowadays is be effectively creepy. The new trailer for Stephen King’s It sure looks creepy. Maybe it’s because of Stranger Things. Ever since I saw the Netflix series, everything seemingly set in the 80s just...[Read More]

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