Dell’s New 8K UP3218K Monitor Available to Order

dell 8k monitor

Many of us haven’t even made the jump to 4K. My current 1080p LED TV is a bit long in the tooth, so I may be jumping to 4K soon. There is no 4K monitor in my future due to space constraints. Besides, my three 1080p monitors are just fine for me.

Dell, however, is raising the bar even higher with their new monitor, the $5000 UP3218K. The 31.5” UltraSharp monitor, which is available for sale direct from Dell, delivers a mind-bending 8K image, or 7680×4320. Yes, that is four times the pixels of a 4K monitor, which pushes 3840×2160. Dell also highlights the monitor’s wide color coverage and depth. The UP3218K was shown off at CES 2017

But who is this for? There’s barely enough content available to justify purchasing a 4K display, let alone spending $5000 on an 8K monster. Gaming at 4K is possible, but even if 4-way SLI was doable with the Titan X Pascal in games – it’s not – 8K is way too much of a stretch. Really, the only folks able to use this 8K monstrosity are professionals in the graphic design or CAD fields that have tons of disposable cash available.

For now, the only way to buy this beast is through Dell directly. The Dell UP3218K will be available outside of the Dell store on April 14th.

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