E3 2017: God of War

god of war

“Wait here…I will handle this.”

God of War made its debut during last year’s E3. Punisher officially squee’d while viewing the trailer last year. At PlayStation Live, I’d like to believe Punisher squee’d some more.

This year’s presentation showed more of the spectacle combat the series is known for. The perspective change doesn’t affect Kratos’s brutality one bit. Using his Mjolnir-like ax and a shield that fans out from a bracer to add extra pain to his combos looks like mad fun. There are many varied enemies on display in the trailer, and beating them to a pulp will almost certainly require ingenuity.

What keeps me intrigued is Kratos and his relationship with his son, Atreus.  Last year’s trailer did a lot to show Kratos and his restraint while talking to the child. In this year’s trailer, small tidbits of their relationship are shown. My intrigue lies in the storytelling possibilities Santa Monica Studios can introduce. How much does Atreus change Kratos’s normally hostile disposition? I’d also love to see the gameplay possibilities of having a pint-size boy trained by a Spartan at your control. The trailer showed Atreus knifing someone in the eyehole. Do I get to control that, or does that only happen in scripted events?

Atreus also seems to figure heavily in the Norse theme of God of War. There are theories floating around that Atreus is much more than just the son of Kratos. The trailer lends some credence to the theory. At the end of the trailer, Kratos and Atreus are confronted by an enormous – as in HUGE! – sea monster. Atreus recognizes him, saying, “It’s the World Serpent!” As a further point, Atreus understands the serpent when he speaks.


Since God of War is steeped in Norse mythology, it’s only proper that I point out there IS a World Serpent in Norse lore. His name is Jörmungandr, known as the World – or Midgard – Serpent, and he is one of Loki’s three children. Yes, THAT Loki.

In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr helps bring about Ragnarök. For those unfamiliar, Ragnarök is the Norse cataclysm which brings about the death of many gods, including Thor and Odin. Oh, and Jörmungandr? His sworn enemy is the God of Thunder himself, Thor. And he pledged his help to Kratos and Atreus.

Kratos is known for offing gods. Might Atreus be the spark that brings about the end of the Norse gods?

Obviously, I am a mythology wonk. One of the things that have fascinated me about the God of War series has been its mythological backdrop. All the conspiracy talk about Atreus and his role in the possible toppling of the Norse gods has me chomping at the bit. God of War drops in early 2018, and it cannot come soon enough.

I can only assume Punisher will be squee’ing every day until then.

He has been playing video games for longer than he would like to admit, and is passionate about all retro games and systems. He also goes to bars with an NES controller hoping that entering the Konami code will give him thirty chances with the drunk chick at the bar. His interests include vodka, old-school games, women, vodka, and women gamers who drink vodka.

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