Freakish Season 2 Review


Barrett gets a pass.

NOTE: For those who have not seen Season 1 of Freakish, I advise that you stop and either go watch the show or read my review here. There will be spoilers for the first season.

Season 2 starts immediately after the ending of Season 1, where the rest of the surviving characters are mourning the death of Natalie. No one has heard from LeShaen anymore either. We see that there are more people in Hazmat suits are outside the school, flashing their lights looking for more survivors. That’s when LeShaen returns, saying he was followed. We get to see what happened in the 48 hours that he went missing. Turns out, he now knows the truth about what the Keller Chemical Plant has been working on.

Everything picks up again as the kids are trying to survive the new threat: people from the Chemical Plant trying to clean up their mess. Tension is higher for everyone as medical supplies are low. Grover is forced to leave for a supply run. While out getting supplies at a nearby pharmacy, Grover encounters more survivors. This reminded me of Season 2 of the Walking Dead, only if they have never gone to Hershel’s farm and stayed in Atlanta.

With more survivors at the school, there is less trust within the group. Secrets eventually come to light for a lot of people. We do get a lot more of what happened and what caused the explosion. There are a lot of slow moments in the show where we don’t get the Freaks. But there is a new mystery person in the building who is able to breathe the exposed chemicals and not turn. The threat of the Freaks is still there, but the kids are able to fight them off and know what to do and not to do. That means Season 2 had to bring in a new threat. If not, it would have been a dull show.

Ok, I do have to admit that I was a little harsh on Tyler Chase’s character, Barrett, but he is more likable this season. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still an asshole, but he does think of the group first now instead of himself. We still get a lot more tragedy in this season as well as new faces. The tension is high, and there was a moment I did catch myself saying, “You Stupid Bitch!” So yeah, I got drawn into the moment. I enjoyed this season as much as I did the first, and yeah, there were moments that I wondered why this had to happen. Again, this show will either be a hit or miss for a lot of folks, but those who enjoyed the first season will enjoy this one. I do recommend that everyone watch this, but watch the first season to understand everything better.

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