GaCuCon Impressions


This was just a super fun event! There was food, indie games, VR, special guests, and more. The gaming Culture Convention Cruise & Expo, also known as GaCuCon, was just great!

Hosing this event was Andru Fratarcangeli, who’s a great person to talk to, as well as his crew. The guests included Mr. Johnathan Wedel, aka Fatal1ty; Mr. Destructoid himself, Yanier Gonzalez; Mr. Greg Street, Director of Riot Games Design, who worked on League of Legends; the CEO of Helm Systems, Myron Mortakis and his team; CEO of Queen Birdface Productions, Mr. David Nunez; father-to-be Mr. Frank Velazquez; CEO of Good War Games, Pedro Guerra; Mr. Eddy Piedra from Origin PC and his team; and many, many more!

This event was so much fun! The Digital Crack team and I were like kids in a candy store. We enjoyed the food that was provided to us, the guests were amazing and super nice with everyone that wanted to talk and take pictures, and the games! For the first time in my life, I got to play a VR game provided by the CEO of Helm Systems, Myron Mortakis. It was so much fun I did not want it to stop!

Myron’s teammates were super nice and enjoyed teaching us the ins and outs of working the VR system and how to kill the troll that was the enemy in the demo. I have to give props to Wesley Ferino for the work he put into the game. That troll was a beast! I was scared the moment that troll got in my face and I had to look up at the monster. I’m over 6 feet, and I’m not used to looking UP at many people. He was a damn tower! I was casting spells and using my staff and it was just great! Once the game was over you would get a gold coin and use it to enter a raffle to win a VR headset and gear.

The next day was the 4 day gaming cruse. Now back from their trip, they are already setting up for 2018. I would love for the next time you all join us!

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