Joanie Brosas Risque Cosplay Style Sets Her Apart From The Rest.

joanie brosas cosplay feature

Cosplay queen and glamour model Joanie Brosas is our Cosplay Girl Of The Week.

Joanie has gained an immense social media following creating risque and unique costumes for beloved comic book and television characters from the DC universe to the Star Trek franchise.

Brosas’ life took an unexpected turn when she was in attendance at a Star Trek convention several years ago and was approached by Dan Farr, the eventual founder of Salt Lake Comic Con. Farr, at that time, was heading a 3D modeling company called DAZ 3D. Brosas was dressed in her favorite Star Trek costume – an Orion slave – and Farr asked if she wanted to go model for his company’s booth. That chance encounter led to a dramatic shift in Brosas’ modeling career and her eventual relocation to the Salt Lake Valley.

These days, although she maintains a normal job on the side, Brosas still tries to attend as many conventions as possible, including an annual trip down to the Star Trek show in Las Vegas. Her love for costuming has turned into a bit of an obsession – but for good cause, as she has occasionally been asked to appear as a special guest with other professional cosplayers.

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