Logan Paul: How Far Do You Need to Go to Be Famous?

logan paul

So I woke up yesterday to hear and see the Logan Paul story about him filming in the “suicide forest” in Japan and filming a corpse. I haven’t wanted to go back to sleep and pretend I dreamt something more than then.

The reason he was filming in the forest because he was going to joke about it? Really? A joke about suicide and a fucking place called the suicide forest?

I’ll give a little backstory for those that haven’t heard about it yet. Logan Paul, a big YouTuber and semi-professional douchebag, has been in Japan, where he’s been vlogging to his YouTube channel. In the above-mentioned video, Paul and his troupe enter Aokigahara forest outside Mt. Fuji, an area dubbed the “suicide forest” because of a large number of Japanese people that have committed suicide there. Upon entering the forest, they come across a body of someone who has hung themselves.

Says Paul after encountering the body in the video, “This is a first for me. This literally probably just happened.” Off camera, someone says, “I don’t feel good.” Paul replies, “What, you never stand next to a dead guy?” to which the off-camera person replies, “No.”

Paul then begins laughing and says, “It was gonna be a joke. This was all a joke. Why did it become so real?”

So suicide’s a joke now. Haha, am I right?

Oh, and the body was filmed throughout that sequence. At least the face was blurred, right?

(Ed. note: we debated on whether or not to include a link of the video. Logan Paul removed it from his channel, but it’s widely available elsewhere. I was initially skeptical. I felt like it could further glorify this diseased prick of a human being. But Punisher wrote an article about him, and I’m posting it. If we’re talking about the trouser snake, we might as well go full tilt. We trust that our readers are intelligent enough to realize we’re not aggrandizing Logan Paul.)



Let’s ask a serious question here folks. How far does Logan Paul really need to go to be famous or get views? We here in DCN joke about pretty much everything, but even we know our limits. This ass hat filmed the body of a person who committed SUICIDE and posted it on YouTube. After the outrage he received, he removed it and apologized for it.

Oh, and there was outrage!

Come the fuck on! It doesn’t take a fucking brain surgeon to know suicide is not a joke in ANY context! Last year, a child hung herself on Facebook Live due to people picking on her and what not. I saw this video and I was in pain. As a nation, Japan suffers from a very troubling suicide problem. In 2016, suicides in Japan actually fell for the first time in years. But 21,897 people still committed suicide that year. The suicide rate in Japan in the sixth highest in the world. Japan is a nation troubled by suicides.

To see Logan Paul film a video IN JAPAN and take a close-up of this person hanging and joking around about this is sickening. He took a moment to talk about suicide awareness, but while still filming near the corpse. People like Logan Paul are rotting YouTube and giving it a bad name. Kids out their look up to this asshole and others like him, thinking they’re funny for the stupid things they show on YouTube.

Let me take a moment and address something for our viewers reading this. Obviously, suicide is not a thing to joke about. Millions of people out there suffer from depression stemming from bullying, work issues, family issues, and over deep-seated psychological issues. They have thoughts of ending their lives, thinking it’s an easy way out.  It’s not, and there are other ways besides suicide. There are people out there willing to listen and help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is open 24/7 to help those who feel on the brink. Their number is 1-800-273-8255. There are other suicide prevention centers at more local levels. In South Florida, the Florida Department of Health has offices that specialize in suicide prevention. Most importantly, there are loved ones and close friends we all have that can help.

I’m going to end this by saying we love you all and comment below. We want to hear your thoughts about this.

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