Netflix: The Punisher Impressions

Netflix: The Punisher Impressions

(Ed. Note: I just have to mention this. Digital Crack writer and podcast bruh Punisher is reviewing the Punisher Marvel Netflix series. I mean, it had to happen, right?)

I’ve waited so long for Netflix’s The Punisher to come out. Once the comic book gods answered my prayers I was finally able to see it. And let me tell you, it did not fail my expectations one bit!

There are those that have the urge to tell others this is slow and boring. I advise those who are told that to watch it anyway. Remember how the first season of Daredevil had a slow start, but ended up nearly perfect? Why rush into the action when we want to feel and get to know our characters? Also, we need a reason for the story. This series develops the reason well.

The Punisher has a very twisted and painful story, and I feel it’s well told in this Netflix series. We start off with the Punisher doing what he does best: taking out his targets. After the end of the montage of brutal deaths, we see him burning his trademark vest. It seems that after he avenges the deaths of his family, he’s done with it all. But what he doesn’t know is what awaits him.

This series has 13 episodes full of wonder. We do run into a familiar face and a few new ones. We also see the nightmares that plague him and what keeps Frank Castle, Punisher’s civilian persona, going. We also get to see his emotions and his openness to certain people in his life. We do see that he cares and wants to make everything better and very protective of those he cares about.

The series also shows us his past life with the Marines. During that time, we encounter our asshole in the series and government secrets within the story. Our villain in this series will keep you guessing until the very end, but if you have read the comics you will spot them very quickly. Just remember, this is a different take on the Punisher, so not all the villains are going to appear the way you think.

Overall, this is what I wanted for The Punisher. The last 3 movies gave us some violence-centered version of the Punisher, but this one was just right. It was not over the top, dramatic, or a gore fest. Everything blended in perfectly and ended on a major high note. I think if you want to binge watch this you can, but I think the best way to enjoy this series is taking your time and enjoy what it offers.

I give this series an official – of course – Punisher seal of approval and must-watch. If you have seen It, I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. Until next time, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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