Never Ending Night – Knight’s Saga Now Available on Steam

never ending night - knight's saga

Dot Dream Studios has released Never Ending Night – Knight’s Saga on Steam today. Knight’s Saga is second quest for Never Ending Night. Owners of the base game will have Knight’s Saga added as a free update to the game.

Here is the information about the update:

Controller support, massive bug fix, menu change, total overhaul for systems, and 10 Hour extra game play free is finally here! (That includes new music, new smart AI enemy type, tons of new bosses, and an OPEN WORLD to explore!)


Unknown knight wakes up in a crash to a foreign world. He is jailed but then escapes only to find himself in a conflict between the authoritarian Sarks and those who don’t share the same ideology with her. The player will help knight decide which way to go and eventually, the Knight and his group of friends which he gathers throughout the story will face Sarks and another enemy that is pulling the strings from behind.

The game is a Hack n Slash rpg where players will be able to make decisions and collect items to bring down Sarks! Aside from branching paths and multiple endings, Knight’s Saga is lighthearted and fast paced compared to MLBY and Cain’s story!

*Wink wink* I’m sure most of the people will know where all the references are made. Many Youtubers we enjoy are also featured as major characters for this story! We really had a blast making this mode.Definitely let us know if you guys find any bug, but do enjoy this free update. We love you guys and we hope you love us back!

Over 6 months of work means patch notes would be waaaaayyyy too long. But I have included many of the changes in a text file. Ok fine, ill list a couple.

Never Ending Night v 2.3

Added Content



-Fixed Menu Save

-Fixed Mlby and Cain final boss door


Never Ending Night v 2.2

Added Content



-Fixed restart bug

-Fixed black fade disappearance

-Fixed walking sound

-Fixed background music change

-Fixed music not appearing after quitting to title page


Never Ending Night v 2.1

Added Content

-Added a new default controller binding.

***Control Shift D to reset controller Binding



-Fixed Tutorial camera bug

-Fixed double jump in M&C Beginning

-Possibly Fixed Inventory

-Axed Title page music for faster reload


Knight v 2.0

Added Content

-Finished all ambience for Knights

-Named the bard

-Old Construct Factory entrance added

-Short cut to undersurface in castle office added



-Possibly fixed Gibberish

-Fixed Fast dialogue line after making a choice

-Nerfed some maps between surface and sarks place

-Added a tiny bit more lanterns throughout M&C games

-M & C Chapter 2,3,4,6,8,10,13, map clean up

-Fixing leviathan bug if dying

-Possibly fixed archive

-M&C zombie fixed + Audio

Never Ending Night – Knight’s Saga is available via Steam for $9.99.

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