Not All Heroes Wear Capes


We here in Digital Crack Network had the distinct pleasure to speak to one of many Miami’s everyday heroes. Sergeant Mogro of the Miami Police Department recently helped and saved a child in need of medical assistance after Hurricane Irma.

Because of the hurricane, resources were scarce in Miami and emergency services were strained very thin. Due to the high volume of 911 calls, many people were forced to find alternate solutions. The family of one 12-year-old boy was forced to do so.

While attempting to get him to a hospital to deal with a severe asthma attack, Sergeant Mogro noticed their distress in their car. He was in route to another assignment but jumped into action, choosing to divert and do everything to get the family to the nearest hospital. Once there, he got the attention of everyone he could to assist. The hospital’s pediatrics section focused on the unresponsive child and managed to resuscitate him. Sergeant Mogro was credited with helping save the child’s life.

For his heroic act, he was invited to iHeartRadio’s Fiesta Latina. The show recognized the first responders that went above and beyond the call of duty to help in Florida and Puerto Rico. Sergeant Mogro was brought on stage, where he was reunited with the young boy and his family.

As a second reward, he was flown out to Los Angeles for a special premiere of the upcoming Justice League movie. This was not the typical advance screening that Digital Crack normally attends. This was a red carpet affair attended by all of the stars of the movie. He was alongside as one by one, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck walked by, signing autographs and taking selfies with fans. He snapped quite a few pictures that day, then went in to watch Justice League.

Sergeant Mogro, it turns out, is also a Digital Crack fan. We reached out and spoke to him about his heroic day and the premiere event. He also provided us with quite a few pictures from the LA premiere, which are posted below. Finally, he gave us his opinion of the movie. No spoilers here, he just said it was great. Since we will be attending an advance screening soon, he warned us to wait for two end roll credits scenes.

We at Digital Crack salute you, Sergeant Mogro. Thank you for reminding us that not all heroes wear capes.

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