Pornhub Protecting Users’ Kinks


They Adopted HTTPS Standard on Website

With all the concern regarding privacy on the internet, it’s nice to see that our friends at Pornhub have our back. The most popular porn site on the internet has implemented HTTPS sitewide. Its sister site, YouPorn, will follow suit on April 4th.

This news comes after Congress voted to overturn an FCC privacy rule enacted last year. The rule, which was implemented by former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, forced internet service providers (ISPs) to seek your permission before collecting your personal data. Our current Congress reversed the bill, saying it stifled innovation and confused consumers.

(Not a political statement; I avoid politics here. But…HOW is Comcast “innovating” by letting advertisers know I searched for “RealDolls fails” on Google? Is knowing that going to help improve their shitty customer service?  God, I need a drink!)

Since using HTTPS – an encrypted form of the internet’s HTTP protocol – helps secure your browsing habits, sites that use HTTPS are good for privacy. Until recently, Pornhub did not have site-wide HTTPS. That meant that innocent deviants could have their ISP collect the fact that they may enjoy some obscure kinks.

Thankfully, Pornhub does have site-wide HTTPS. Vice president of PurnHub, Corey Price, spoke to the Daily Mail about the implementation.

“With this internet communication protocol we can ensure not only the security of our platform, but also that of our users,” said Price. “At the end of the day, we want every single one of them to feel safe and secure on our platform while enjoying our library of over five million videos.”

Five million videos, huh? I may have to check if that’s true. For research, of course.

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