Skyrim Would Be More Popular If All The Women Looked Like This

Our Cosplay Girl Of The Week Is April Gloria.

If you love playing skyrim like we do, you would pray you run into her.Decked out like a Forsworn (also known as the witchmen of high rock) are a clan in skyrim usually found in the highlands. She pulls off this cosplay perfectly.From the contact and scar over her eye,to the material she uses for her outfit. Let’s not forget about how incredibly sexy she looks…. if you didn’t notice.That’s why she is our cosplay girl of the week.

Cosplayer: April Gloria.
Country: United States.
Cosplay: Forsworn from Skyrim.

I love Video games.First system i ever got was a Atari 2600,Ever since the first time i moved that joystick i was hooked.I have been writing and podcasting about games for 7 years now.I Started Digital Crack Network In 2015 and haven't looked back.

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