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Star Wars: Battlefront II Called Out for Borderline-Abusive Game Mechanics (UPDATED)

I’ve tried to stay away from the loot box shitstorm after a few articles highlighting their insidious bullshit. Apparently, EA wants everyone to keep talking about it with regards to Star Wars: Battlefront II. So I will. These bastards want the venom? I’ll dispense the venom happily! EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II has been fighting negative publicity for a couple of weeks. Their loot box system, w...[Read More]

The Debate Surrounding Loot Boxes and Gambling

Video games as a form of entertainment media have seen more than their share of debate and controversy. The witch hunts that U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman formed in the 90s surrounding video game violence come readily to mind. Former lawyer and full-time professional crackpot Jack Thompson also raked video games through the coals. The less said about him the better because, again, he’s a crackpot. Vi...[Read More]

Loot Boxes Grow in Prevalence and Insidiousness

What ya buyin’? I’m sure most everyone is sick of reading about loot boxes. Trust me, I’m tired of having to bitch about them. Trust me, we’re all going to hate the prevalence of these little gambling boxes way more soon. I recently lambasted Microsoft and Turn 10 for introducing loot boxes into Forza Motorsport 7. Back in August, I did the same to Monolith’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. It ...[Read More]

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