Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Review

Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Platform Reviewed: Playstation 4 Release Date: September 19, 2017 Acquired via: Purchase by Reviewer Normally, Uncle Willy would be reviewing Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Him and Grumpy Joe are the fighting game fanatics. But Uncle Willy is trying to dig himself out of a pile of work and articles. Plus, I had pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition and was dying to g...[Read More]

Digital Crack Video Game Podcast Episode 25

The most exciting and fun Video Game Podcast on the planet.The ladies From R2 Comics Revue podcast stopped by. This was one of the funniest and raunchiest podcasts we have had in a while. We talk about Call of duty infinite warfare, Gears of war 4 Season pass,Nintendo NX, Overwatch and so much more…I think we even talk about how to eat a banana at some point. Check it out! http://digitalcrac...[Read More]


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