Mega Man 11 Announced

I feel like I was specifically targeted. Like, Capcom wanted me to talk about a video game they were hyping up. They didn’t tell me directly, but they got me at my soft spot. It would not normally be a big deal, except that the game they decided to announce was guaranteed to get a response from me. Mega Man 11. On the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Fuck! Capcom’s been on my shit...[Read More]

SEGA Spartan: A Whole Lotta Nope

Not being optimistic here I will forever accuse Digital Crack brother-from-another-mother Punisher of trolling me into writing about this. Further, it’s my belief that he wants me to write this so resident Sony fanboy – and reformed SEGA fanboy – Grumpy Joe can have sparks fly out of his ears that are bright enough to be seen in space. Punisher denies it. I think he’s full of shi...[Read More]

E3 2017 Impressions: Nintendo Spotlight

Woo-hoo! Just like years past, Nintendo didn’t hold a formal conference at E3. Instead, it aired Nintendo Spotlight, a series of pre-recorded segments that highlight whatever games they have coming down the pipe. Personally, I’m not mad at the break from the norm. The conferences are just overly-choreographed bullshit shows anyway. At least with Nintendo, the bullshit is rehearsed and edited. That...[Read More]

E3 2017 Impressions: Bethesda Conference

Now in VR! After the doctoral theses that was the Microsoft conference (over 6400 words before I had to get the snippers), I was happy to tackle something shorter. Enter Bethesda and their conference. I honestly had very little idea what to expect from them. The day before, amazon.de put up a listing for Wolfenstein ahead of time, so I figured that would be mentioned. I also knew that Fallout VR a...[Read More]

Thumper Review and Interview with Drool Co-founder Marc Flury

Bang the drum! Curiously proclaimed as a ‘Rhythm Violence’ game by its developers, the term makes perfect sense once Thumper is experienced. Previously on PS4/ PSVR in October 2016, the game has now come to Nintendo’s newest system, the Switch. Co-founder and head programmer Marc Flury explained how it came to be. “I met a couple of guys from NCL (Nintendo Japan) at Bitsummit (An annual indie game...[Read More]

How Nintendo Can Rule the World: Nintendo Now

Or…Why Nintendo is not from this planet! Sometimes, a story hits you and short-circuits everything in your brain. I have spent the last week struggling to write an article that summed up my feelings about Xbox’s Project Scorpio. I watched Digital Foundry’s summation of the upcoming console’s specs, then toiled about how I would express my feelings about the console, its specs, and its place in the...[Read More]

The Digital Revolution of Media and How it Affects Gamers

Sooner or later, EVERYTHING is going to go digital! Variety recently posted an article on their website that started an interesting discussion between the crew here at Digital Crack. The article spoke about the desire of six of the biggest movie studios to offer new-release movies for home viewing. This is not new. Last year, the proposal would offer first-run movies to home viewers who have a spe...[Read More]

Snipperclips Review

Making the cut Developer: SFB Games Publisher: Nintendo Platform Reviewed: Nintendo Switch Release Date: March 3, 2017 Acquired via: Purchase by Reviewer   While intentionally or not, the early life of the Nintendo Switch has been dictated by the mantra of ‘quality, not quantity’ regarding launch software. Arguably Nintendo’s biggest (and almost certainly its most important)...[Read More]

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Impressions after 10 Hours

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Impressions after 10 Hours DISCLAIMER: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a gigantic game, and while my amount of play time might not justify a ‘proper’ review, I have a decent idea and feel of its world, mechanics, and gameplay. While there are mild spoilers about situations I’ve encountered, there are no mentions of specif...[Read More]

The Nintendo Switch Launch in Review

The launch of any new console is big news for the gaming community, and the release of the Nintendo Switch is no different. The hybrid home/portable console released on Friday and the majority of gaming news predictably centered on it. Since this is the first legitimately new console release since I joined Digital Crack (the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S does NOT count!), I decided to talk about the posi...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Launch Garners Well Wishes from Video Game Industry

The Nintendo Switch has officially launched worldwide today. I then stumbled upon a GameSpot article that left me dumbfounded for a good second before I recovered my senses: “PlayStation, Xbox, And More Congratulate Nintendo On Switch Launch.” The article mentions how some big names in gaming – including its two erstwhile not-really-competitors – took to Twitter to congratulate Nintendo on the lau...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Will Be Available for Walk-Up Customers

With the Nintendo Switch set to launch this Friday, March 3rd, there are bound to be quite a few people who are afraid they’ll miss out. After all, Nintendo’s notorious penchant for the under-allocating of product to build up artificial hype (read: being dicks!) is known. For those who haven’t or won’t pre-order, it may seem like scoring the hybrid console. Fortunately, some retailers are announci...[Read More]

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