How VR reshaped the gaming Industry

How VR reshaped the gaming Industry

“If you could name one device or method (taken by gaming companies) that has reshaped and moulded the gaming industry to better suit the customers’ needs then what would you use as an example? Microsoft’s Kinect? Maybe you’d say Sony’s motion sensor controllers? Maybe not… But I am positive one device has crossed your mind, and it certainly crossed mine: Virtual Gaming, and in particular a virtual reality headset.

I remember the days where I’d sit for hours grinding a game out, and getting sucked into the repetitiveness of the same routine day in day out. Getting bored of the same open world and being limited to the way I can explore the blanket of space. Being expected to feel every emotion within a game by just my two thumbs on each analogue stick and always wondering how I could feel like I’m a part of the game.

Every teenagers’, and even adults’, dream when playing a video game is to feel some sort of connection. Being visually connected to a game is one thing, but being able to feel both mentally and physically connected to a game is another and we (as gamers) struggled to find that pathway when playing games that required only our fingers to be a part of. Then along came a Kickstarter campaign, that was so incredibly successful Facebook purchased it for over one billion dollars. Who am I talking about? Oculus and their infamous Oculus Rift.

What Oculus did (and currently now many other major gaming companies) was that they completely transformed the gaming experience. They introduced a method of gaming where you could feel like you could physically reach out and grab an object in a game. Virtual Reality also enables you to quite literally live in the game and use more of your senses that have a legitimate impact on the game. For example if you’re exploring a world you can turn your head to the right and your virtual character would copy your head movement. Look up and your character will do so too and even walking on the spot will enable your in game character to walk in the direction you’re marching. I could sit here and name every feature of virtually reality but I will be here for days. All that matters is how much they’re evolving and will soon lead the gaming market.

Virtual Gaming really is the “next gen” console of some sort. With so many concepts out there software developers are frothing at their mouths’ as they observe in silence a market awaiting to explode. A market that is still in its early stages of life but once sales boom and popularity increase it will be a multi million pound economy. ”

By: Dylan Raynor

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