Will Ferrell Cast as Reverse Flash? Yeah, I Call BS!

reverse flash

“For just one night let’s not be co-workers. Let’s be co-people.”

On November 8th, Uncle Willy, Punisher and I were having the usual debaucherous conversation that we usually have every day. During that session, Punisher asked me what I knew about the upcoming film for The Flash. I told him nothing lately since I don’t want to know too much. Hollywood spoils everything nowadays; please refer to this article to get the gist of what I mean. Because of that, I try to avoid any news about upcoming movies.

Punisher is a good friend who knows that I watch the DC shows and try to catch up with all the DC animated movies (still working on those reviews sorry). He was afraid that I would lose my shit if I found out that Will Ferrell was cast as the Reverse Flash in the said upcoming movie. He got the news through Instagram via a supposed leak from Screen Rants; the posted date was set for a day later.

Yeah, I called bullshit on that information. I started looking all over the ‘net and found nothing. I even went to my usual YouTubers that I follow for DC-related news to see if I had missed anything. Nothing came up. Funny thing is that on November 9th, the article did finally come out and caused the biggest commotion.

My thoughts on Will Ferrell as the Reverse Flash? Well, that will be a case of bad casting. We currently don’t need that in the DCEU. Don’t get me wrong, Will Ferrell is a great actor. But I wouldn’t cast him as Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash. The Reverse Flash is a dark character. If WB and DC want to cast Will Ferrell as someone, I vote for Plastic Man.

I know I will get crap for saying it, but we have been getting some good casting choices lately within the DCEU (except for Jared Leto’s Joker – oh God, kill it with fire cause reasons!) The movies may have failed in some eyes, but it’s not because of the casting decisions. Except for Leto’s Joker. That was a barrel of shit!

I won’t even say that it’s because he is a comedian and should stick to what he knows. A lot of comedians have ventured off to other movie genres and have been successful. But Ferrell doesn’t have what I feel is necessary to portray a character like Reverse Flash.

But okay, let’s say he is cast as Thawne. It would be interesting to see his take on it. We’ve only seen Reverse Flash twice in live action: in the 1990’s Flash series and within the current Arrowverse. The Reverse Flash is not that much older than the Flash in either interpretation. Yes, he is from the future, but he and The Flash are roughly close in age. Ferrell is far beyond the proper age. Yes, special effects can fix that, but I wonder how far they would go to fix Ferrell’s age.

What are your thoughts on this rumor? Do you think WB casting Will Ferrell as Reverse Flash is it a good idea for the upcoming The Flash movie? Who would you choose to play that character?

Residential DC guy and horror movie junkie who loves to drink and game. Not much to say as I am the way I am. Will provide my opinion either on an article or when streaming with the DCN crew. I do read and follow Marvel but I follow DC more. Will do articles on the tv shows, movies and games for both Marvel and DC. Might even do some comics of the week also, but we shall see what happens. Welcome to Digital Crack Network, now cue the music!

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