Zungle Panther’s Kickstarter project allows you to feel music

Zungle Panther’s Kickstarter project allows you to feel music

Kickstarter. Everyone’s favorite site to explore new and upcoming funky gadgets and even be offered exclusive access in return of a generous donation. Not only does it offer you an inside look into what could potentially hit the market, it also allows you to basically have something (with the right amount of generosity and money) that no one in your friends group will have. We have scoured the Internet to provide you with the next “big” thing and boy does it look incredible.

Zungle have started a kickstart campaign that has racked in over three hundred thousand dollars of donations already and all for a promising and exciting piece of tech. “Wear the Beats” Sunglasses, by Zungle, brings a whole different ball game to the audio electronics market. They offer an impressive built-in noise cancelling microphone on the glasses themselves and also transmits sound waves, via your selected music of choice, through your skull via sound waves. Sounds cool doesn’t it?! Not only can you physically feel the music, you can also listen to your music on a device that is Bluetooth friendly, eliminating the needs of any unnecessary wires, and this also allows you to take phone calls too as well.

On the right leg of the sunglasses there is a “One and only Jog Dial button” that is claimed by Zungle to be so simple to understand the mechanics of the glasses you don’t even need a manual with it to find out how it works.

To add even more fuel to the excitement there is a hidden USB port (which appears to be at the hinge of one of the legs) however we must insist that this is patent pending. Furthermore, after just charging for one hour Zungle Panther claim you can achieve “4 hours of music play with maximum sound output”.

If you’re bored of the way your shades look you can also personally accessorise the colour of the lenses with Oakley Frogskin lenses. Not only does this whole device allow you to experience music in another way, it also allows you to make it your own via accessories which will make it feel that bit more meaningful to you.

For obvious reasons details of the device haven’t been fully disclosed yet as it is yet to hit the mainstream market however from what I’ve read I can promise you it sure is something spectacularly revolutionising and incredible.

Check out their official site here: http://www.zungleinc.com

And also their Kickstarter project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zungle/zungle-wear-the-beats

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